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Additionally, the following also applies:


If you use the Images strictly for your own personal purposes (e.g., as your desktop wallpaper or a print on the wall of your room), no attribution is required.

Otherwise, if you share the Images, whether online or offline, the copyright ownership and source of the Images must be clearly indicated. Near each Image, please place a copyright notice linked to the HTML page at this site where the original Image is in the following form:

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Don't forget to replace the '[path-to-page]' with the real path. You may add the TARGET attribute to the link code if you wish. No other alteration of the link code is permitted.

If you share the Images on media that does not technically allow clickable links, just place the URI (the Web address) of the source page ([path-to-page]) next to the copyright notice.


Please check these Guidelines to Clarify the Meaning of "Noncommercial" in the Creative Commons Licenses.

For educational purposes, you may use the Images free of charge even if your use does not fall under Noncommercial. Just drop me a line. I believe that education will save the world and I would be glad to know my photos participate in that.

If you would like to use the Images for profit (this includes, but is not limited to, using the Images on a site where you sell your ad space or generate any other revenue), please write me and I'll license the Images under another Creative Commons license to you for a fee.

No Derivative

Not only must the Images remain unaltered, the Images must be displayed fully (no part may be hidden) when you share them.

If you are going to share the Images online, please copy them and upload to your server, do not link to the Images directly on this server!

If in doubt, just ask me.

Please be aware: I do my best to identify the beings and plants I photograph but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of my identification.