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To set a photo as your desktop wallpaper,
click the link corresponding to your screen resolution under the photo of your choice. When the image is fully loaded in your browser's window, right-click it and choose Set as Background (or Set As Desktop Background, or Set As Wallpaper, or Use image on desktop - the wording vary from browser to browser).

Click here to find out your screen resolution.
Or, if the link doesn't work for you, right-click on an empty space of your desktop, choose Properties and click the Settings tab. You will see a slide bar with your screen resolution setting.

If the size exactly matching your screen resolution isn't listed
under the photo you'd like to set as your desktop wallpaper, you can try the closest size.

To remove the image from your desktop background,
go to the desktop properties, click the Desktop tab and choose 'None' in the Background list.

If you have questions regarding the use of the photos,
please see the Terms of Use.

If your question isn't covered here,
feel free to write me: (replace the + with the @).