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Ladybird Spider

Ladybird Spider, Male
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Scientific name: Eresus cinnaberinus (Eresus niger). Male.

Here is its face:
Ladybird Spider's Face

1. Kimberly
2007-09-04 00:26:02 UTC
are this spider poisoin or not?
2007-09-04 06:54:09 UTC
As far as I know, all spiders have poison but few can bite (us, human beings). I have never heard scary stories about ladybird spiders so I think they are not dangerous. I am not an arachnologist, though.
2008-03-15 05:38:32 UTC
its sooooooooooooooooooooooo puuuuuurty!!!
4. Majestic Pony
2008-05-08 17:21:44 UTC
dudu lalala nu crazy if you think that this is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Majestic Pony
2008-05-08 17:21:57 UTC
6. majestic pony from nevada
2008-05-13 22:57:20 UTC
this is the world rarest spider like i give a crap....have any of u been to sub way have you seen the 5 dollar commercial? it goes... 5, 5 dollar 5 dollar footlong! i am like really bored..tootles icky spider...
7. Abby
2008-05-20 03:17:37 UTC
I have one of these. I don't hthink they are poisenous, but we bought it with it fangs removed, so I don't know.
8. Nikki
2008-05-25 09:04:38 UTC
this is so cute!
9. Jess..x
2008-06-28 10:55:08 UTC
Where is it's head lyke?
10. petey the mc zzzzzzzzzzz
2008-08-10 11:59:06 UTC
this spider can kill you in 1 second its pioson goes streate to the heart and will expant it until it bursts.
it is a very painfull death and noone has ever survived it because there is no antie dote
it is found in the forest of dein in england but isnt found anywhere els.
11. Becky
2008-08-25 06:16:26 UTC
This photo is absolutely stunning! I love it, such a beautiful species.

Abby, you can Not buy a spider with its fangs removed! Aside from being unbelievably cruel, it would die without them.
12. Sandie
2008-09-20 22:28:06 UTC
It can't come from The Forset of Dean. We don't have deadly spiders in England!!
13. Jessica
2008-10-17 20:45:09 UTC
I'm not sure whether this spider is poisonous or not, but it is actually a native of the UK! However, it is extremely rare and now on the endangered species list. It'd be a shame to lose such a pretty spider :(
14. jamie
2008-10-18 09:14:34 UTC
lovely picture, it would be a great shame to lose such a rare and pretty spider that's native to our land. There's not a lot of decent looking animals in the UK compared to other countries..
15. john
2008-10-18 10:24:51 UTC
It actually does come from the UK, although it may be hard to believe that such an magnificent spider is living in our country rather than south america, read this link i got for everyone it tells you lots about the spider:
16. Gav
2008-10-19 02:26:59 UTC
What a beautiful little spider. I didn't realise the UK had any so colorful.
2008-11-22 23:37:33 UTC
looks like it got a huge afro ;)

really impressive big is the spider ?
18. Zurab
2008-11-24 17:47:45 UTC
Its size is about 8 mm.

BTW, this photo, as well as all other photos at this site, was taken in Georgia (Caucasus).
19. Hovawart
2008-12-01 07:49:24 UTC
The attractive ladybird spider is one of the rarest in the UK. The males have a bright orange or vermilion back with four large black spots and two smaller ones, and superficially resemble a ladybird. Females and juvenile males are black and velvety. Both sexes and immature individuals have obvious large bulbous heads.

Found scattered across northern and central Europe; it is replaced by closely related species in the Mediterranean and elsewhere in Europe (including E. cinnaberinus). It is rare everywhere, especially in the UK. It used to be found on the Dorset heaths, and possibly in the Isle of Wight and Cornwall, but is now restricted to a patch of heathland in Dorset measuring about 50 metres across surrounded by a pine plantation.
20. Sam
2009-01-10 16:08:38 UTC
I don't like it.
21. Lloyd
2009-01-30 09:56:14 UTC
I eat these :)
22. spider
2009-02-20 20:52:47 UTC
they arent posionous - the red colours are to fool you into thinking they are dangerous. Pretty small too but they are very pretty. They are conisderd to be making a small comeback after conservationists worked on protecting them
23. pikey300
2009-03-22 23:40:12 UTC
24. Laura
2009-03-31 14:37:39 UTC
Wow, that is one lovely looking spider! We get some pretty ones here in Australia too but that one is stunning.
In Aus we have the 2nd and 3rd ranked most dangerous spiders in the world and we find them frequently in our backyards, but not one person has died of a spider bite in over 55 years.

Spiders are nothing to be afraid of and they are such beautiful creatures.
25. Lara Michelle
2009-05-22 06:24:47 UTC
Unbelieveable! I never knew there is ladybird spider
26. JB
2009-07-16 02:56:11 UTC
Cool spider. I wonder WHY it has that pattern though.

At first I thought looking like a ladybird might make it more able to sneak up on prey. But wait a sec - Ladybirds are ferocious killers, so that's not it.

Maybe ladybirds taste bad though. Birds love to eat spiders, so perhaps this is to fool them.

Either way it is a very pretty spider. But my favourites are still the jewel spiders.
27. Andrew
2009-07-28 17:32:15 UTC
For you people freaking out on if this spider has venom. It does. ALL spiders have venom glands with they're fangs. This spider's venom may not be dangerous to us, but it is still there.

A very special spider I must add. The male resembling that of a ladybird beetle is most interesting
28. Mick Perry
2009-09-16 21:16:29 UTC
It is a beautiful photograph. People are frightened of spiders because they move so quickly, but spiders are actually quite timid, they are not naturally aggressive.
29. Kalle
2009-10-11 10:31:10 UTC
I saw one in Thessaloniki, Greece, years ago, spent some time to take a decent photo but with a cheap pocket camera it was not so easy.. It was outside a factory for zick surcface treatment, and the people were thinking that Im crazy because I was chasing something on the ground with the camera. A very beautiful spider indeed. I am very scared of spiders but I love them. I never kill a spider when I found one in the apartment, Im sweating the shit out when I try to catch it an release it somewhere outside. Even if I see a sudden picture of a spider, my heart will jump and I get a painful itch when the adrenaling jupms up. I dont know why but its been always like that. Brains Brains, tell me more.
30. KW
2009-10-15 04:44:27 UTC
They are poisonous but not to humans, technically all spiders are venomous but their poison is either to weak to work on us or their fangs are to short. They got the name because ladybird = ladybug, and they resemble ladybugs. This is a male, they are only .6-.9 cm but the females are 1-1.6 cm.
31. dubblelicious
2009-10-24 23:54:53 UTC
This spider isn't dangerous, i swear.
my friend is bitten by one, and he still is healthy as before.
So i dont know what the problem is :)
32. babak
2009-11-28 11:02:27 UTC
i saw amazing spider in near caspian sea in iran but i dont know many things about spiders
33. Bryars Gurl ForEver
2010-02-01 03:39:35 UTC
Wow This Is So Pr
34. Bryars Gurl ForEver
2010-02-01 03:40:18 UTC
This Is So Pretty
35. Loza laddd
2010-03-14 18:47:13 UTC
it looks like a tarantula....
Wow boredom.
36. Andrea
2010-04-27 10:03:59 UTC
I live in greece and found one in my garden. Is it poison?????
37. Leo
2010-04-30 23:10:18 UTC
I live in greece too. I saw 2 of these spiders today at fauna of natural ecosystems class. I think they are not rare... but really pretty!!
38. Jenny
2010-05-03 17:13:50 UTC
I live on Evia, Greece and we have some of these pretty spiders in our garden or it maybe just one spider that gets around a lot.....
39. Andrea
2010-05-18 14:33:30 UTC
Help, here are so many. In 10 days i have seen about 5 of this spiders. Also at my veranda!!! Have never seen it before!!!
40. fayah
2010-05-23 11:51:00 UTC
ewww OMG
41. Rozie
2010-05-23 11:52:05 UTC
Kwl i would like to see one !
42. tonky
2010-06-03 15:33:06 UTC
iv seen one of these today and didnt know what it was it was released safely but i thoyght it was a foriegn spider and maybe poisenous but after findimg out what it was on the net i cant believe we have let such a beautiful lookimg creature come to near extinction.i saw it in doncaster south yorkshire and apart from my children and wife its the most beautiful thimg ive seen here lol
43. george
2010-07-06 15:27:28 UTC
actually you can get deadly spiders in england, like tarantulars from a shop near focus in buxton called (the jungle) i've got one its a chile rose spider!!!and your right the photo is cute:)
44. george
2010-07-06 15:31:22 UTC
its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
45. Chris
2010-07-15 02:23:05 UTC
I think this spider is a fake.
46. sophie
2010-07-18 23:53:18 UTC
they are gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
47. imogen
2010-07-18 23:54:56 UTC
some spiders are cute, some are scary
48. georgia
2010-07-31 11:47:40 UTC
see chris what if tonky is telling the truth? most people probally havnt seen one beacause there very rare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????? your so luky!!!!
49. phil
2010-09-10 19:56:04 UTC
i luvvvvvvvvvvv this spider it is soooo pretty
2010-09-14 16:21:46 UTC
2010-09-14 16:22:06 UTC
2010-09-14 16:22:54 UTC
53. carl
2010-09-14 16:24:27 UTC
Is that realy obama
54. twilight saga fan
2010-09-28 17:49:32 UTC
it's so cute!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
55. racquel
2010-11-05 12:33:10 UTC
it look cool
56. Dan
2011-06-14 12:30:26 UTC
Wow i live in california, how close am i to even seeing this spider!
57. The Baron
2011-08-11 17:48:04 UTC
This little jewel looks like it's more closely related to tarantulas than those in the suborder Aranea. I wonder what it's taxonomy is.
2011-08-11 18:13:26 UTC
59. nysa
2011-10-27 02:15:36 UTC
i like this
60. nick
2011-11-25 15:05:04 UTC
i ilke
61. nick
2011-11-25 15:05:22 UTC
its awsome
62. Sava
2012-02-25 02:40:45 UTC
found this spider at my school today O.o freaky!!
63. Kitty
2012-07-29 17:51:54 UTC
Why does everyone hate spiders do much! They rarely bite, only the mean ones like black widow and wolf spiders! THIS SPIDER IS SO BLIMEY CUTE!
64. Azreale
2012-12-11 18:35:33 UTC
I live in Southern California and we just bought a house last year with a large overgrown backyard. I was trimming an apple tree and I saw this spider. It was the prettiest spider I have ever seen. I named it in my head the Santa Clause spider because it had striped legs and an orange/red body. I looked it up online but couldn't find it. When I went back to spot I found it to show my family it was nowhere to be seen. It was the prettiest/neatest spider I had ever seen, but I do have a fear of spiders so I did not catch it. I kept my eye out for another one and sure enough a month later I found one in my front yard. This time I captured it in a jar and showed it to my family. My brother insisted it was a wolf spider. Except for it's coloring and larger size it did look like a wolf spider. I figured it must be a large brightly colored wolf spider and I let it go back where I got it. We had the a company come out and clear the backyard, but I really hope I come across another one. If I would have known it was this rare UK spider I would have taken pictures and made sure it didn't get cleared out. I will next time, if there is a next time.
65. greg
2013-05-26 18:06:59 UTC
This spider is NOT DANGEROUS its harmless and beneficial for crops and farms. This is a true fact. Believe i or not spiders size is NOT a key factor for being dangerous to humans. Remember that and stop believe what hollywood movies come up...just think smart!!!
66. greg
2013-05-26 18:11:01 UTC
greg is from greece
67. Terry
2014-04-04 20:35:50 UTC
If you ever go to Greece you find this lovely spider every were me and my grandson go out just to try and find it by the way it's only the guy spider with the color the female is just brown 😊
68. chubs with rolls
2015-01-26 23:00:32 UTC
i wish that i could go to britain just so i could go to a place where they have them in a bunch of different rooms
69. Dimitris
2016-11-14 15:02:22 UTC
Damn unbelievable what bullshit you find online.. like haha it will kill you in one second :)
I live in Greece, it is quite common here, and it is harmless.
The female is a LOT bigger, but still harmless, I take care of one at home. It lacks the beautiful colors, it is deep black, velvetish skin. Look online for pics.

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