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Ladybird Spider's Face

Face of a Ladybird Spider Sitting on a Leaf
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Scientific name: Eresus cinnaberinus (Eresus niger).

Here is its lateral view.

1. chubz911
2008-07-18 08:57:33 UTC
this is a cool photo!!!!!MADE!!
2008-10-20 03:54:52 UTC
This was such an inspiration in assisting my son and I with his spider project. We chose the Ladybird Spider as it's quite unique and can easily be mistaken for the Ladybug by children who aren't developed enough to diferentiate spiders from other insects. Many thanks for the GREAT close-up!
3. Annalise
2008-11-22 19:09:06 UTC
Scary, How do you draw these ?
4. 0.0
2009-07-05 09:02:36 UTC
is ladybird spider poisonous ?
5. amy
2010-07-06 15:34:10 UTC
yes apparently it can kill you in 1 second:)
6. amy
2010-07-06 15:34:51 UTC
7. niro
2010-10-08 14:40:26 UTC
spiders cannot essentially be called poisonous( asits not consumed or absorbed through the skin) as they inject venom through a bite therefore almost all known spiders except for a few are venomous . the below article is an interesting read. go through the link
8. wwwwmr
2011-04-25 17:55:44 UTC
i lov the spider ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'its cool
2011-05-04 10:41:10 UTC
what a beautifull spider i live in south africa never seen one like that i have a brazilian red rump only a baby still does this one also shoot out his hair on his rump?
10. Emmie
2012-01-05 18:57:32 UTC
I heard it's not dangerous for humans
Btw I know no living thing that can kill you in 'one second' with poison. Seriously? In one minute, yes.. But one second is a bit exreme xD.
2012-05-14 16:28:20 UTC
this is such a beautiful spider, the colors are wonderful the picture is great! its a really good close up of the colors and the the rest of it!!! :)
12. bob
2015-01-26 22:43:23 UTC
i have to do a report on this thing
13. bob
2015-01-26 22:43:50 UTC
i hope i do good its do in two days
14. bob
2015-01-26 22:44:34 UTC
man this thing is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome
15. jimmy
2015-01-26 22:44:59 UTC
i like how you wrote that bob
16. hammy time
2015-01-26 22:46:02 UTC
did you hear about that one guy who was eaten by some big snakey wakey he was FAT like SOOOO Fat
17. alberto
2015-01-26 22:47:15 UTC
please read about my new single I'm So Fancy dadada you already know
18. chubs with rolls
2015-01-26 22:49:19 UTC
I just needed everyone to know that you a liar hun you are not iggy or XCX if your name is alberto
19. chubs with rolls
2015-01-26 22:54:13 UTC
Please my people post some comments ahhhhhh
20. chubs with rolls
2015-01-26 22:56:17 UTC
seriously alberto or whatever your name is we wont people to comment on the spider like that bob guy
21. chubs with rolls
2015-01-26 22:58:23 UTC
this is such a neat spider

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