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22-Spot Ladybird

Yellow 22-Spot Ladybird on a Flower Sepal
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Synonyms: ladybug, lady beetle.

Order: Coleoptera.
Suborder: Polyphaga.
Superfamily: Cucujoidea.
Family: Coccinellidae.
Genus: Psyllobora.
Species: Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata (Thea 22-punctata).

Unlike most other ladybirds, 22-spot ladybird feeds on mildew, not aphids.

1. preety
2009-11-10 03:54:50 UTC
i think this picture is realy cool cause 22 spots how cool is that.i have never seen a ladybird like that one. Its yellow do u think this is amazing. u r shocked as well? arent u.I wonder what it is standing on. I dont know what also to say it shocking cause i have never new that there r diffrent kinds of ladybirds in the world and that is a new thing i have learn. save this message. if you know anything of ladybirds then please phone 574389
p.s preety
2. preety
2009-11-10 03:55:08 UTC
3. preety
2009-11-10 03:55:22 UTC
kmun j
4. preety
2009-11-10 03:55:29 UTC
5. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2011-12-06 17:23:58 UTC
6. From K T
2012-06-27 22:43:18 UTC
To preety, what I think
the 22-Spot Ladybird/ladybug
is standin' on is a type of
leaf or maybe a flower of some
kind, who knows-yea

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