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Praying Mantid

Praying Mantid
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Synonym: praying mantis.

Order: Mantodea (Praying Mantids).
Family: Mantidae.
Genus: Mantis.

1. sam
2007-10-14 20:53:51 UTC
i think its a good picture its clear but it should have the hole body in the picture. it also is a little freaky to me. i am doing a project on them so i was looking for some photos and i don't want to use it because its not the whole body but up close it looks really cool in this photo.
2. mike
2007-10-14 20:58:56 UTC
it really shows a good close picture of its face. i didn't know how the face really looked until this picture but now i do know. i think who ever took this picture did a good job but next time they should get one with the whole body. but thats just my opinion. oh and also the praying mantis looks funny in the picture like a cartoonist drew it. one more thing i can see the hairs coming off it its kind of freaky.
3. peter
2007-10-14 20:59:47 UTC
what an amazing photo you really captured the face! keep it up!!!
4. kaitlyn
2007-10-14 21:02:34 UTC
wow its a good picture and i agree with what the other people said it is a great photo but next time you should get the whole body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =0 oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! and your welcome for my comment =) =} =] =0 =p
5. sarah
2007-10-14 21:07:46 UTC
omg this is totaly awesome what else have you done? i can't wait to see more!
6. tim
2007-10-14 21:08:50 UTC
you suck! joking this it totaly awesome!!!! you should have more of the praying mantis.
7. Holly
2007-10-24 20:53:37 UTC
Heres a picture for you
8. george
2007-10-28 01:02:44 UTC
its a really great picture.
9. Kait
2007-12-08 17:53:58 UTC
I thik this photo is good because in full-body pictures you can't really see the face. It is interesting to me that the face is this large. and the eyes are amazing.
10. mena
2008-01-11 01:11:11 UTC
11. MENA
2008-01-11 01:13:11 UTC
i just felt like saying hi oh! by the way, HI!
12. MENA
2008-01-11 01:13:53 UTC
hello its me again!
13. jogo
2008-01-19 06:25:08 UTC
good work
14. MONY
2008-02-17 18:38:35 UTC
i LOVE it!!!!!
15. kraisa
2008-02-23 04:16:40 UTC
talk about cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
16. kraisa
2008-02-23 04:25:43 UTC
but for ur knowledge,these cutie-pied things are cannibalistic.The
female mates with the male,and chews its head off!(sometimes)They
even eat SNAKES.serious.oh,thats a female by the way.

yet they are also very surprisingly intelligent if u train dem, they will shake hands with u!!! serious m a witness.
17. peggyanger
2008-03-01 22:01:45 UTC
Awesome. Doing a speech on the P.M. so this will be a great opening shot to begin with.
18. Tracey
2008-04-11 01:38:38 UTC
I think it is a Superb picture. If he used the macro equipment he listed then I wasted my money on the Nikon D80, Flash Ring, and Nikon 105mm f/2.8. I think if the entire body was in the shot it would be just another photos of a Praying Mantis. Sweet Job Dude.
19. Andy from OZ
2008-04-16 08:42:52 UTC
MMM love those extra three little eyes in the middle.

Imagine how many ppl are trying to take that same shot right now.

Great job

This is a big link i know but it is actual video of a PM vs Mouse.
20. zach
2008-04-25 16:51:11 UTC
it looks creepy
21. Lexxy
2008-05-08 13:55:46 UTC
I hate praying mantis period....
22. abdy
2008-05-27 19:16:57 UTC
oooooh! how cute!!!
i love those eyes!
fantastic photo!
23. ccs
2008-07-02 02:02:46 UTC
24. The.Despair
2008-07-12 20:21:04 UTC
Nice photo, you really caught those eyes pretty well, an awesome close-up to it's face
25. ihop
2008-09-10 00:00:21 UTC
its creapy
26. cool
2008-09-13 16:38:23 UTC
thats a kool pic
27. mrs. trejo
2008-09-22 20:52:48 UTC
This picture is great. It looks like his senior photo head shot! Great angle, great color!
28. chelsey
2008-09-28 14:41:25 UTC
It's an incredible shot I am doing an art project on structure and have chosen to focus on insects in particular the praying mantis so to find such a shot was a dream come true!
29. jj
2008-10-03 00:39:28 UTC
it's perfect for studying things up close
30. mahina
2008-11-14 05:34:04 UTC
jesus christ. im so terrified of praying mantis's
31. I dont no
2009-04-03 20:33:39 UTC
I dont no
32. peixes
2009-06-27 14:33:05 UTC
33. prayingmantisrulestheworld
2010-10-14 02:30:27 UTC
praying mantises are the coolest things in in the world! cool photo!
34. atiqur rahman
2012-01-30 05:42:06 UTC
this one seems to be a photo of an inquisitive insect ............
35. no
2012-03-12 07:09:54 UTC
36. benny farsater
2012-05-20 10:44:18 UTC
A favourite. And where was it taken?
37. xavier
2012-05-21 19:24:22 UTC
so cool
38. xavier
2012-05-21 19:25:08 UTC
I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you
39. yes
2012-09-26 06:53:24 UTC
40. Vedio
2013-02-09 01:39:17 UTC
41. dinesh
2014-06-11 13:15:55 UTC
how a u
42. dinesh
2014-06-11 13:17:02 UTC
43. Melissa
2015-12-02 23:07:45 UTC
Fabulous macro shot and for the aholes who say you should have gotten the whole body...bugger off!!! The obviously know nothing about photography and you do. Keep up the great work!

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