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House Centipede

House Centipede, Jaws
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Order: Scutigeromorpha (Scutigerida).
Family: Scutigeridae.
Genus: Scutigera.
Species: Scutigera coleoptrata.

House centipede's jaws are poisonous. They are used to paralyze insects.

1. Bevan
2008-10-20 22:04:34 UTC
it looks like that thing on Devil May Cry 1
2. Lawlers
2010-05-08 05:09:45 UTC
It looks like it's smiling! :D
3. Anonymous
2010-06-01 06:00:52 UTC
The jaws are poisonous, but so are the legs, you may want to look into that. (:
4. charles
2010-06-12 09:31:46 UTC
it`s funny looking and it looks desurbing
5. KnifeSoultz
2011-02-21 12:29:45 UTC
lol Devil May Cry 1
6. gabrielleblack
2011-07-03 04:18:55 UTC
What kind is that? Cuz it sure don't look like the house centipedes I've seen!
7. Degen
2011-08-02 09:50:22 UTC
I don't think this is the house centipede I was thinking of...this looks more like the type you find in the garden.

But as for actual house centipedes, and as for the for those of you (hi @anon) who say the legs are poisonous, you can stop freaking out now: its venom is delivered from a pair of modified front legs (rather than all its legs) that are NOT capable of piercing human skin.
8. Loralee
2011-09-14 20:27:06 UTC
More horrifying than any monster from any movie ... Hollywood doesn't need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars dreaming up horrific nightmares ... they exist FOR REAL in the cracks and corners of our own homes!!!!! Everyone screams when they see these!!
9. Gia Caiazza
2012-04-17 23:30:08 UTC
holy shit fuckin rodney bugs gonna getchaaa #watchout
10. classenka
2012-05-08 18:06:14 UTC
It is DEFINITELY NOT a house centipede Scutigera coleoptrata. This is certainly in the scolopendra group. Legs are not poisonous but mandibles are.
11. its nasty and distrebing
2015-10-20 01:06:13 UTC

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