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Honey Bee Eye

Honey Bee Eye
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Order: Hymenoptera.
Suborder: Apocrita.
Superfamily: Apoidea.
Family: Apidae.
Subamily: Apinae.
Tribe: Apini.
Genus: Apis.
Species: Apis mellifera.

1. Kate
2009-06-18 02:05:51 UTC
I love this picture and I'm interested in bees lately. I work in fiber art; would love to create a design based on this photo. Would you be okay if I use your work as inspiration? Feel free to check out my site to get an idea of the work I do. Thanks for your time & fantastic photo work!
2009-06-18 17:00:02 UTC
Thanks for asking, Kate. Sure, you may use my photos that way.
Your art works are great.
3. tui
2012-08-04 10:13:28 UTC
it looks like an allien
4. Loula
2015-04-07 23:43:44 UTC
It is stunning in its clarity. Thanks for sharing your work.Loula

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