My Equipment



I am not a photographer. And I am not an artist either. I doubt you'll ever find fascinating sunsets or intriguing portraits here. Not that I have anything against such photographs. Shots of beautiful landscapes may touch me but I have no interest in taking them myself. At least, not now.
I just love macro photos.


I use a Canon PowerShot G5.

For 'super macro' photos I attach a reversed lens with a home-made lens adapter and a home-made lighting device. A detailed description of my 'super macro' equipment you can see here.

And for 'tele-macro' (the Moon) I've added a tele lens (MTO-1000AM 10,5/1100) to the reversed lens.


I heavily use Photoshop. I don't hesitate to use any means to make the photo look better. My goal is to get a nice picture, not to show 'the truth of life'.

Also, the depth of field in 'super-macro' mode is too shallow. So I usually take a number of shots slightly varying the distance or focus setting and then combine the most sharp parts of the shots in Photoshop.